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Debit Card

When you make a purchase using a debit card, the transaction amount is directly deducted from the available balance in your linked bank account.

Credit Card

Each credit card comes with a predetermined credit limit, which is the maximum amount you can borrow using the card. This limit is determined by the issuer based on factors such as your credit history.

Prepaid Card

Similar to a debit or credit card for making purchases, but instead of borrowing money or accessing a linked bank account, you're using the funds you've already loaded onto the card.

Virtual card

It is designed for online and card-not-present transactions, providing a secure and convenient way to make purchases or payments over the internet.

Master Card

Mastercard is a global financial services corporation that operates as a payment processing network and facilitates electronic funds transfers and transactions between financial institutions, merchants, and consumers.

Visa Card

Visa operates an extensive payment processing network that enables the secure and efficient movement of funds during electronic transactions. This network connects merchants, banks, and cardholders worldwide.