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Current Deposit

Current account is so much safer, more flexible and suitable to the personal and business purposes for withdrawal or fund transfer by cheque (instead of a large amount of cash carriage) with unlimited cash amount transferred at any Alpha Bank inter-branch office.

Savings Deposit

Savings account is much more convenient and suitable to the daily transaction purposes for deposit, withdrawal and for fund transfer with unlimited cash amount transferred at any Alpha Bank inter-branch office. It also enables the account holder to access to a wide range of other banking services and electronic access.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposit account is much safer, more attractive and suitable to the longer-term transaction purpose for high-yield deposit redeemed on maturity date.

Alpha Bank Save-i Account

Save-i account doubles your confidence in safety and worth when a savings or fixed deposit account is tied to a special insurance purpose for accidental coverage.

For customers who need to do banking transactions or to inquire their accounting information urgently, Alpha Bank recommends Tele-banking service to facilitate their convenience. The service is provided on a real-time basis via our efficiently automatic system everyday all 24 Hours. Contact us for detail.

Customers can do banking transaction conveniently via Alpha Bank Internet Banking Service instead of taking their time to go to the branch. Contact us for detail

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